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couple pre wedding shoot on the beach


Pre wedding photography sessions are where couples in Singapore have all the fun!

Have you seen those exciting photos where couples were running away from T-rexes or on a beautiful sandy beach taking amazing looking pictures together? Our team of professional and talented wedding photographers in Singapore will be able to meet your all specific requirements and capture beautiful images that will keep you in awe. At Grandeur, you are the Kings and Queens. Listening to our customers and taking amazing images for them is our top priority and shall remain so.

Moreover, with years of experiences taking photographs and providing professional photography services around Singapore, our photographers are able to advice you on the gorgeous places in Singapore to take your wedding photos! Some well-known locations include the serene, beautiful beaches on Sentosa, gorgeous Singapore Botanical Gardens (UNESCO heritage site) for nature lovers and Marina Bay Sands with towering skyscrapers as the backdrop for the city lovers! Singapore contains many beautiful spots for your pre wedding photo shoot session(s).

It is during your pre wedding photography shoot where you and your fiance can fully live out your creativity along with the help of Grandeur's talented bridal photographers! If you have dreamed it when you were younger, now it's the time to make your wedding dreams come true.

With Grandeur Wedding Studio, you can expect to receive pristine quality images of you and your fiance with our packages, and reminisce the vivid memories of your awesome pre wedding photo shoot session(s) with your spouse many years down the road...

Enjoy your day or evening with your fiance while we take beautiful photographs of you and turn them into your very own precious memories.

You have waited your whole life for your wedding. We trained our whole life to take amazing photographs of people like you. Let's do this together!

Get married to your spouse in Grandeur style and receive amazing prewedding photographs and memories of your very own special moments!



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couple on stage AD wedding


Alas, the big day has come 🙂 The day you are going to get married to the sweetheart in your life... Congratulations! As the wedding bells chime, let us capture every moment, every emotion and every second of bliss and happiness of your amazing actual day wedding ceremony and events with Grandeur Wedding Studio's talented photographers!

During the actual day bridal ceremony and events, both you and your spouse will be very busy with the day's events. It's essential that you engage trusted and highly experienced, professional Singapore wedding photographers to capture the actual day's events for you and your spouse.

There are many special moments throughout the day which you will want to capture, and with Grandeur Wedding Studio, our experienced Singapore photographers will make sure that not a single precious moment will be missed.

When you engage Grandeur Wedding Studio, you can simply relax and enjoy your actual day's events as we do all the hard work and capture these amazing AD moments and compile it into a beautiful bridal photo album for you and your spouse! Grandeur provides the finest actual day wedding photographs in Singapore.

With Grandeur Wedding Studio's highly trusted photography team, we will perfectly capture your most important and precious actual day wedding ceremony moments.

We know that there are special family members and friends you want more photographs of, and our AD photographers will definitely place greater emphasis on them.

Enjoy your beautiful actual day wedding photography footage of your day's ceremonial events at our even more wonderful package rates!



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ROM signing


ROM is a very important moment for couples in Singapore. Keep and hold your memories of being legally wedded to your spouse close to you by capturing your ROM signing moments and make them sweet memories.

Grandeur offers a 3-hour special bridal photography package just for local Singapore couples signing their ROM in Singapore.

Capture your magical moments as you get formally wedded to your spouse at your ROM in Singapore.

You can remember these blissful moments forever when Grandeur captures it all for you.

Seal your love at ROM with Grandeur's 3-hour Singapore ROM photography special!

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