Grandeur Wedding Studio

Showcased on Blissful Brides magazine

Founded by Alvin in 2015, Grandeur Wedding Studio seeks to provide you with the finest wedding-related services:

  • Pre-Wedding Photography Services
  • Actual Day Wedding Photography Services

Despite starting successful businesses in other industries too, Alvin finds that his 1 true passion lies in wedding photography. Nothing has provided him with greater joy and satisfaction than creating the perfect, magical experience for couples during their wedding photoshoot.

“Sometimes I ask myself: Why do I want to get into wedding photography industry?

After all, wedding photography can be a very stressful service to provide customers with. You only have 1 chance (and 1 chance only) to get the perfect shot. You need to know your gear is always ready to capture the moment – there is no such thing as missing an important moment or have sub-par photo quality editing.

As featured by Blissful Brides magazine

Being able to hire talented wedding photographers who are dedicated to their craft, are customer oriented and in turn creating magical experiences for my customers is what I value most. I am also very thankful to have made many new friends and long-term companions along my journey.

If I had to describe what I love the most, I would touch my heart and say that nothing brings me greater joy than being able to put together a magical and great experience for my customers and making people happy.

Grandeur Wedding Studio is committed to providing you with top-class, quality wedding photography services to help make your wedding memory a magical and unforgettable one.

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