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Pros and Cons of an Electric Skateboard

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Electric Skateboard

best electric skateboardElectric skateboards are the newest trend in town and kids out there have a new way to get around. They are not old enough to drive or they simply can’t afford to buy a car, so the next best thing is an electric skateboard. These powered long boards can get you around with ease. They have wheels that are powered by a motor, so you do not need to push yourself around just to get from one point to another. The motor spins the wheels and the best part is that slowing down or speeding just requires you to press a button. So, is the best electric skateboard better than a long board? To find out, we have provided you with the pros and cons of electric skateboards below.

Electric Skateboard Pros:


If you are a skateboard enthusiast, the days of manually pushing yourself around are long gone. With electric skateboards, all you need to do is press a button on your thumbwheel and you are good to go. That is not all, because, the same remote can be used to slow you down and bring your skateboard to a complete stop. This is thrilling, especially for new learners because you can now focus on mastering the art of skateboarding.


You can easily accelerate to speeds of up to 35 miles per hour depending on your motor’s power rating. Stronger motors will allow you to glide, literally, because some motors can do up to 30 miles per hour!

Very portable

Most people like to carry their skateboards around. With an electric skateboard, you can dribble through traffic effortlessly because they are amazingly portable. Plus, they are designed to move you over a moderate distance on a single charge and so you do not need to spend money on fuel. A well charged battery will do more than 14 miles! Here is more good news for environmentalist. It runs on electricity, so no harmful emissions, and your environment does not get polluted.

best electric skateboardCons:

Not sturdy

There is a downside to every good thing. Your electric skateboard will definitely break down because of heavy usage. They are not robust enough for you to handle them roughly.


Although they are highly portable, they are heavier than longboards. The extra weight is contributed by the motor, the brakes and batteries. That means no stunts or tricks will work on this skateboard the way they would on a longboard. If you want to pull stunts on the streets, the longboards is your best bet.

Carrying capacity

Speed, charge and motor power rating are the three factors that determine how much weight your electric skateboard will carry. Ideally, an electric skateboard can carry anybody, but then lighter people will have fun for longer. Why? A heavier person will cause the skateboard to use more power to move around, ultimately, the battery drains faster.


If skateboarding is your way of having fun, then electric skateboards should be your best friend. With little effort, your adventure can take your further than before, and you also get to look cool while you are at it. If there short comings are not a deal breaker, they are really worth trying. So why not hook yourself up with one and see how it goes?

Tips for Finding the Right Bed for Your Dog

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Most of our dogs lead active lives and need a comfortable sleep. If you are one of many dog owners who opt for dog beds then today you have many more choices than you did in the past. There are many designs of dog bed out there and one that is perfect for the breed, size, health and age of your pup. Even if you do not plan to buy online ;shopping online will give you an idea about the different types of beds available for your dog.
Outdoor Dog Beds

Many breeds of dogs live outside year long. Most will have a dog house and you may have had problems with mildewing or excessively dirty dog bedding. Some folks will be content to throw straw in the dog house, but today there is a nice selection of outdoor dog beds available.When looking for an outdoor dog bed , you need to consider the barrier that keeps dampness from the ground away from your dog. Older dogs can have stiff joints aggravated by long exposure to cold and wet environments.

To help your dog stay dry during the wet months and cool during the hot months you may want to consider a style of dog bed that is off the ground and allows air to circulate underneath.

Like all outside beds , elevated outside dog beds should be water proof. Even if the dog house is providing the bed and your dog some protection from the elements it should be water proof and have at least a cover that is machine washable or even better than can be hosed off.

Beds made for puppies are tricky. They love soft surfaces ,but most puppies chew and you might want a bed that you can easily stick away during play time. Puppy beds also may be subject to soiling accidents. It is best to choose a puppy bed with a machine washable cover. Avoid beds with fringe or other decorations that might pose a choking risk to a young dog . Provide you chewing fur ball pup with lots of chew toys so their bed is a less tempting chewing target.

Orthopedic beds

Many aging dogs appreciate the comfort of an orthopedic dog bed. Many of these beds are made of memory foam and will actually mold to the body shape of your dog. Some orthopedic beds come with optional heating elements. Again make sure your aging dog will not bite into any electrical wires that are used to heat the bed. Again since many older dogs have digestive issues or problems with incontinence it is best to buy a bed with a washable cover.

Designer Beds

There are designer dog beds but they are more for the owners than the dog. Many toy and miniature breeds of dogs sleep happily in designer dog bed. They endure the laughter of the household cat that makes fun of their little frilly beds. Again , you should avoid beds that have hanging decorations that could pose a choking hazard to the dog or the jealous cat.

There are some common sense basics you should consider when buying a dog bed. You need to consider the size and health of your dog. Dogs have preferences too. A friend of mine has a beagle who only wants to sleep in a dog bed most humans would judge too small for the dog. If you dog will corporate take the dog to the pet supply store and see which size bed the dog is attracted to. If you Lab try to sleep in a cat bed human intervention is needed , but if not let your dog picks their own size bed.

Look at where your dog takes their nap now. If they sneak up into your bed or the sofa they will want a softer bed. If they are content on the floor then a firmer bed might serve their needs. Also if your dog spend time outside you may want an outdoor and an indoor bed. If you travel with your dog you may want a travel bed that is easy to transport.

Think about what the bed is filled with. Some beds are filled with cedar chips to repel fleas. If the cover just machine washable or can you throw the whole bed into the laundry. Knowing how dirty your dog is likely to get the bed will also help you pick the right dog bed. Be aware that if you are a new dog owner you may end up accepting the fact that your bed will become the dog bed.