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Hi, this is Alvin, founder of Grandeur Wedding Studio. 

Whether you're looking for PRE WEDDING or ACTUAL DAY WEDDING photography services in Singapore, our bridal photographers offer the BEST services and prices you can possibly find in Singapore.

At Grandeur Wedding Studio, our mission is to capture stories and taking amazing photos for you and your fiance.

Every couple in Singapore has their own dreams and ambitions for their wedding day photography. At our studio, it's all about you. We're your dedicated photographers. It's time to live your dreams and tell your story. We're simply here to capture it for you.

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Regardless of your preference, our team of experienced and professional Singapore wedding photographers will be able to meet your requirements.

Capturing you and your fiance in amazing pre wedding images is our top most priority.

Our photographers are highly experienced in taking photos for couples and their pre weddings in Singapore. Thus, they are able to advise you on the best types of poses and well-kept secret locations in Singapore ideal for pre wedding photography too.

It is during your pre wedding shoot where you and your fiance can fully live out your creativity along with the help of Grandeur's talented bridal photographers! If you have dreamed it before, now is truly the right time to make your bridal dreams come true.

Here's what you get:

You get to pick from 2 unique packages. The first is a shorter 5 hour package for couples who only want to go for photo shoot at a few locations in Singapore.

We also offer a premium 8 hour package. Our premium 8 hour pre wedding photography package is suitable for couples who want lots of photographs and both day time and evening shots in Singapore.

With us, you can expect to receive the best quality bridal portraits of you and your fiance.

Interested to find out more? Scroll down the page to download our pre wedding photography packages and pricing.

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Looking for actual day package instead?

As your actual wedding day ceremony approaches and you start planning for your wedding, it is most important to remember that you MUST engage an actual day wedding photographer who knows what he or she is doing. There is no room for error when it comes to an actual day wedding photo shoot.

That is why at Grandeur, we hire only the best and highly experienced actual day bridal photographers in Singapore to capture photographs of your actual day ceremony.

Here's what you get:

You get to select from 2 packages, one is a short 5 hour package, suited for couples who only want photography for their wedding lunch or dinner.

We also offer a highly popular, premium 10 hour photography package, suitable for couples who want the full day photography coverage of their actual day wedding ceremony.

Wedding photography is a once-in-a-lifetime event. With Grandeur Wedding Studio, you're making the right choice.

Interested in 1 or more of our photography packages?